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Simply Electrical Cleaner 400ml

Simply Electrical Cleaner 400ml

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High quality spray to clean electrical contacts.

Powerful jetspray
High dissolving properties
Leaves no residue
360° valve



Before use, carefully read the directions on the packaging and act accordingly.


Use in a well ventilated area. The aerosol should be at room temperature. Best processing temperature 5 to 30°C. Before use, shake the aerosol for 2 minutes and spray a sample.

Switch off electrical installations before treatment. Spray the parts to be treated until the contamination has disappeared. Contaminated contact cleaner should be regarded as chemical waste.

After use, clean the valve (turn aerosol upside down and press the nozzle for approximately 5 seconds).

Only switch on the electrical installation after evaporation of the solvent (minimum of 15 minutes).

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