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Sealey Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Workshop Tool Kit

Sealey Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Workshop Tool Kit

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Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Workshop Tool Kit

• Independent garages are seeing a marked increase in hybrid/electric vehicles presented for service and repair. 

• With the rapid change in the design of vehicle powertrains in recent years, technicians are having to adapt to new technologies and working practices to safely work on these vehicles. 

• This kit contains tools and equipment that will be required to enable technicians to carry out work on these vehicles safely.

Package includes:

• RWSBKIT-Red/White Post & Chain Kit 25m 

• HYBRIDTAG-Keyring Warning Tag

• HYBRIDSIGN-Warning Sign 

• HVSA4-High Voltage Warning Sign 200 x 300mm

• HRP45-High Voltage Rescue Pole 

• GT117-Pneumatic Glove Tester 

• HVG1000VL-Safety Gloves 1kV 

• HVM17K02-Insulating Rubber Safety Mat 1 x 1m 

• AK7942-Insulated Socket Set 9pc 3/8\"Sq Dr 6pt VDE 

• AK6124-Screwdriver Set 8pc VDE Approved 

• AK83452-Pliers Set 3pc VDE 

• AK63171-Insulated Open-End Spanner Set 7pc VDE 

• TA320-Digital Automotive Analyser/Insulation Tester

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