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PipercrossPlus Air Filter Element (Performance Replacement Panel Air Filter) for BMW i8

PipercrossPlus Air Filter Element (Performance Replacement Panel Air Filter) for BMW i8

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Filter Type: Rectangular Panel

Dimensions (in mm): 268 (L) x 219 (W)

For drivers that require 30% more airflow* and a lifetime, washable air filter** but without an increase in intake sound, a Pipercross replacement element panel filter provides the perfect solution.

Designed as an original equipment replacement, a Pipercross panel filter replaces the factory air filter within the airbox. Installation is as simple as opening the airbox, discarding the old filter and replacing it with a free-flowing Pipercross air filter.

As airborn dirt particles are trapped by a paper or cotton-gauze air filter, there is a dramatic increase in pressure drop which essentially robs the engine of airflow and power. Due to the deep foam construction of each Pipercross air filter, airflow is able to negotiate trapped dirt.

Air filter service intervals are extended with the Pipercross panel filter, with a lifespan (between cleaning) of double that of the same paper filter and nearly three times that of a cotton-gauze filter. By simply cleaning and refitting the Pipercross panel filter, there is less waste and service costs are reduced.

Maximum airflow and engine protection

• Increased Airflow - 30% more air than a paper filter.
• Easy to fit - Drops straight into your airbox
• Reduced service costs - Easy to clean and maintain
• Lifetime warranty**
• Massive application range - Fitments available for over 3,000 cars
• Made in Britain - Hand built in Northampton

*when compared to a paper element panel filter
**lifetime warranty when cleaned with genuine Pipercross service kits


Pipercross Plus is the latest innovation in filtration and performance; A passion product. The end goal was to create something that took panel filters to the next level in every way possible. For the last 18 months they have been testing, changing, redesigning, and repeating this process to come up with a new product worth putting on the market.

Not just a gimmick, this product has improved strength and rigidity, swapping out the mesh that we use in our regular panel filter and replacing it with a stronger and better looking 1mm steel frame. You can really feel the difference that this change makes to the strength of the filter, even when pulling 100’s of CFM (Cubic feet per minute) through the foam.

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