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How does the PedalBox work?
The PedalBox improves the standard response times of the manufacturer\'s accelerator pedal. There is an immediate response from the engine with a more sporty feel and no more lag.

These days, most vehicles are \"Drive-by-Wire\" (called ECT or ECM), and not cable driven like the old days (called the Bowden cable). The modern systems typically suffer from excessive signal delay, which is where the PedalBox steps in and is able to unlock the vehicle\'s full potential. 

Mode Features: The PedalBox programs
Using the keypad, four different modes can be selected: City, Sport, Sport+ and Stock. These modes can further be fine-tuned with the Plus and Minus buttons.

Installation made simple
Installation only takes a few minutes in a few easy steps. The PedalBox comes pre-programmed and requires no complicated setup procedures, the fun starts NOW!

PerfecTune: Automatic Custom Tuning
The new feature PerfecTune makes it possible: In just 3 easy steps you can get the right setup, perfectly suited to your car\'s accelerator. So precise and easy!

Vehicle operating systems may vary from one manufacturer to another and even between the different models within their range. Therefore each PedalBox is custom suited to each corresponding setup, so please remember to supply your make, year model and engine type when ordering yours, so that we can make sure we supply the correct PedalBox for you.

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